Facebook Ads or Google Ads – Which is Right for your Business?

These two platforms can get your business in front of thousands or even millions of people but which will work best for you?  

Here’s the thing — Google Ads and Facebook ads are both exceptional places to advertise your business. They’re relatively cheap (depending on your industry) and each has billions of active users with diverse targeting options. But businesses who set up their campaigns incorrectly with the wrong goals in mind, end up failing and inevitably blame the platform.

Before you decide to use Facebook Ads or Google Ads, it’s best to know which situations each platform is best used for and how using these services will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re a business that is wanting brand awareness and looking to expand your customer base, then Facebook Ads is the right medium.

Google Ads are effective when people are searching for something they need then and there.  For example, if you need a cleaner, chances are you’re going to use Google to search for one in your area, rather than wait for an ad to appear on your Facebook timeline.

Google Ads work especially well for services that people need or types of products that they know they want. This is because the customer is searching for the business, rather than the business reaching out to the potential customer.

Although if your business or product is new, innovative or unusual it is unlikely that people will be entering search phrases that would find your Google Ad and that’s where Facebook has the advantage.

The other main advantage of Facebook Ads is its powerful audience targeting – but one for the main advantages for small businesses is cost.

On average, depending on vertical and location, Facebook cost per clicks tend to be around 56% lower than their Google counterparts. While the click through rate is generally lower on Facebook compared to Google, the conversion rate is remarkably higher, around 9-10% on Facebook while Google hovers around 3.75%. 

So which one?

It really comes down to your business goals and what you are setting out to achieve. If your business’s main goal is to reach new customers who are in the buying process, Google Ads may be a better fit for you. But if building your brand awareness and compiling a strong audience is your main aim, Facebook will get you there, at a lower cost than Google.

If you’re interested in pay per click digital ads but not sure how to get started get in touch, the Southside team would love to chat with you.