Why Update Your Website 

Your website is an essential marketing tool for your business. It’s important to keep the content fresh, as this will benefit your customers and your SEO ranking.

Preparing the design, content and imagery for your website can be time consuming but it’s well worth putting in the hard yards, because the rewards will be worth it.

The process of designing your website and populating the content doesn’t stop once the website is launched. 

Why you should add new content to your site 

1. It will help your SEO

Search engines will visit your website more frequently, the more you update your website.

As a result, the content you are providing in your updates can potentially help you achieve a higher Google ranking. The updates can be in the form of changing the copy and heading text,  adding new pages and images, or having new downloads available for your visitors.

Adding blog posts is great for your website, it helps increase the number of pages and allows for user interaction via comments or strengthens the search terms that are relevant for your site.

2. Your website visitors will value the updates

Many businesses treat their website as something to set and forget, often not having someone who is able to manage the content management system to make updates.

This can lead to outdated information that reflects badly on your business.  Returning customers may assume no one is active on the website, or even that your business is inactive, and may stop coming back. And new customers will instantly realise it’s been a while since the site was tended to, and swiftly look elsewhere.

3. How often should you add content?

There’s no such thing as too often.  In fact, the more often the better. Twice a week would be a good goal, although finding the time can be hard. But it can be as small as just adding an image or some new text or putting in a new link.

Remember, when adding content, the focus should always be on quality.  While long posts are great, just remember that adding a whole lot of keywords onto your website doesn’t necessarily mean these will convert to results. Valuable, strategic, useful information specific to your business is what you need.

Search engines are smart and know when pages and posts are just vessels for keywords. 

How Southside Marketing Can Help

Southside Marketing mainly uses WordPress as it is an easy content management system for you to make updates with. And we can make it even easier by creating your site with a front end builder such as Elementor or Divi.
With every website we produce, we offer training in managing it and provide an easy to use guide to editing your site.
But if the idea of content management and making sure your website is kept healthy and secure overwhelms you, then don’t be afraid to ask the experts for some guidance!
Get in touch for a free, no obligation chat today!